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History of Résidences funéraires Collins Clarke MacGillivray White Funeral Homes

Recalling Collins Clarke MacGillivray White's history is to talk about the tradition of three well-established Montreal funeral parlours.

The first D.A. Collins Funeral Home was opened in the early 1920s, in Notre-Dame-de-Grâce, rapidly garnering the attention of the Protestant Anglophone community due to the quality of its approach and services. In order to meet the needs of families living in the West End of the Island, a second location was opened inMontreal West Island-Pointe-Claire in the early 1960's.

At the end of the 1930s, the Clarke Funeral Home opened on Monkland Street mainly serving Catholic Anglophone families. In the mid 1940's it moved to a larger, more adequate facility on Sherbrooke St West. In 1932, J.W. Mac Gillivray opened in Verdun, St.Lambert and Robert M. White & Son opened up in late 1940's first on Pie X Blvd, and then moved to St. Catherine St. East.

Founded in 1840, the Jos C. Wray Undertakers is the most senior. Originally located at 290 de la Montagne Street, the Funeral Home then moved to 1234 de la Montagne where it made significant leasehold improvements in 1928. After having used these facilities for some 75 years, in April 1970, Jos C. Wray became Wray Walton & Wray merging with the William Wray Company (located at the time on University Street) where it continued to offer its services mainly to Montreal's Protestant Anglophone families. In 1977, the company moved its de la Montagne location to the Towers Street location, in the downtown area.

These three Montreal Institutions each on their own pursued their efforts to improve their customer service while respecting the evolution of traditions, and of course, families' needs, each adding services and redesigning its facilities, such as, D.A. Collins adding a chapel as soon in 1939.

In 1982, Clarke MacGillivray White and D.A. Collins were already part of a major funeral services network, then they joined to become Collins Clarke MacGillivray White. Then, the new entity experienced a tremendous growth, facility in Major renovations which was made to existing infrastructures and innovations like a florist.

In October 2001, it was Wray Walton & Wray's turn to join Collins Clarke MacGillivray White in order to become part of the dignity network family.

Today, the company holds an enviable reputation. That continues to serve the Anglophone community of the Greater Montreal Area while welcoming more and more French families as well as those from other ethnic communities.

Our funeral homes are located in four different districts serving the Greater Montreal area: Montreal West Island-Pointe-Claire , Verdun, Saint-Lambert and Montreal.

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